Romania license information and FAQ

Questions and answers about the move to PokerStars.RO

We are pleased to inform you that we have a new version of the PokerStars software, to reflect the fact that we are now fully licensed and regulated in Romania. All players who are resident in Romania will need to upgrade to the new software, which offers the opportunity to play with the same players in the same games that were enjoyed on the old software.

Upgrading your account is straightforward and if you have any questions you should find the answer below:

The migration from our platform to the new PokerStars.RO platform will start on August 30, 2016.

Simply log in to your existing Stars Account then follow the on screen prompts to upgrade the software and move your account. Alternatively if you no longer have access to the PokerStars EU client software, you can update your account by visiting  and following the instructions.

Yes, the move is mandatory for all players resident in Romania. If you are not resident in Romania and have been asked to move your account to PokerStars.RO please email Support with your current address details.

No. If you are a resident of Romania and have a Stars Account, you must move your account to PokerStars.RO.

The whole process should only take a few minutes. You simply need to log in to your existing Stars Account and then follow the prompts to upgrade to the PokerStars.RO version of the software.

Your username and password won’t change and you will still have access to all your usual games and promotions. 

All balances on your account will remain the same including your account balance, StarsCoin, VPPs and VIP status. These will be immediately available after the move is completed.

Yes, there are some scenarios where you would need to take action to complete the move (which is required to keep playing). These are:

  • You have a pending cashout (action: please wait until processed (up to 48 hours), or cancel it through the ‘Cashier’, via ‘Pending Cashouts’, then complete the steps under 'How do I move my account').
  • You have excluded yourself from play (action: wait until the self-exclusion has expired, then complete the steps under 'How do I move my account')

Yes, more information on account validation can be found here.

You will still be able to access the same great games and tournaments.  You will also be able to play against the same players as you did on PokerStars.EU. The player pool will not change.

Your VIP Club rewards and VIP status will not be affected with the migration to PokerStars.RO.  If you have progress on a current VIP Step, your progress will be maintained after you complete migration of your account.

You will have the ability to deposit, and cashout in Euro (EUR) and may optionally keep money in US Dollars (USD), Canadian Dollars (CAD) and British Pounds (GBP) on your account.

It remains the responsibility of the player to adhere to the laws and regulations of Romania. Since each person’s situation will be unique, it is impossible for us to advise individuals on such particular matters. For further information we recommend you consult with your lawyer or a certified accountant.

All players in Romania will be unregistered from any live events they were registered for to allow migration to take place. Once you have completed your migration to PokerStars.RO, the registrations team will register you back into those events within 48 hours.

In preparation for the move, on August 30, players in Romania will be temporarily unable to register for any tournaments. After approximately 15:00 (CEST) tournament registration for Romania will be returned to normal.

Yes, absolutely. You will not be segregated or moved away from the general population on PokerStars.EU – PokerStars.RO will not change any of this.

You will be able to play on PokerStars.RO when visiting another country for a limited period of time. Please note that the legislation across the world varies, and that local legislation may limit your ability to play while abroad.

No. To comply with local regulations, players from Romania are not permitted to send or receive real money transfers.

You can find more information on these on the responsible gaming page.

Yes, you can download the PokerStars.RO client and enjoy all the new features and options in the new software! Simply download the client and log-in using your existing Stars Account details.

No. This does not affect any of the rules governing our tables and games. Because you continue to be able to play in the same, global, player pool, as a courtesy to other players, we must ask that only English is used at the tables (unless other languages are specifically listed as approved at the table/tournament).

Feel free to contact Support at any time – we are here to help!