Greyhounds - Coming Soon!

All individual race markets will be determined according to official results. Subsequent disqualifications, appeals or amendments to results will be disregarded, and we do not guarantee the accuracy of information shown on the product, and use of it to place bets is entirely at your own risk.

All bets on a given race will be void if a race is abandoned or otherwise declared void. In addition, bets will be void where a race does not take part on its scheduled day. Should a greyhound market remain open on site after the race off time (as defined by SIS), all bets placed after that off time shall be voided, regardless of whether they have won or lost.


In ante-post markets, all bets on an individual greyhound stand whether the greyhound runs or not. All relevant bets will be void where an event is:

  • abandoned and not rescheduled
  • postponed and rescheduled to another venue
  • postponed and rescheduled to another day at the same venue. Entries for the race must be reopened, reverted back to a previous entry or declaration stage, and provided any additional greyhounds are entered or re-entered and such entries or declarations are considered, in our absolute discretion, material to the betting on the race.

For the avoidance of doubt, where a race is postponed and rescheduled to another day at the same venue, relevant bets will stand. This is only applicable where entries/declarations at the time of postponement remain unaltered, or include any non-material addition(s) prior to the rescheduled race.

Starting Prices

'SP bets' placed with us will be settled on the official Industry Starting Price and not our 'SP'. If no official Industry Starting Price or Industry Off Course Starting Price is returned, bets will be settled at the last price quoted by us prior to the off of the race.

Place Terms

Each-way bets (Win and Place) are offered for the majority of races. For all greyhound races (at Early Price, Show Price and SP) the each-way terms are affected by the type of race and the number of runners taking part and these terms are as follows:

RunnersEach-way terms
5-7 1/4 odds, 1,2
8+ 1/5 odds, 1,2,3
  • The 'Win' and 'Place' part of each-way multiple bets are settled separately (that is, win-to-win and place-to-place)
  • Once opened, the number of winners in 'to be placed' markets may be affected by further non-runners
  • If the number of placed greyhounds is less than the number of potential winners, the winners will only be the placed greyhound or greyhounds
  • If any race is reduced to four runners or less, all each-way bets will be taken as 'all-to-win' given that there are no places

Non-Runner Rule

If a greyhound comes under Starter's Orders but refuses to race, any bets related will be classed as losers.

Stakes will be refunded on greyhound races where a runner is withdrawn, or adjudged not to have started - and therefore been declared a Non-Runner by the starter - with the exception of ante-post bets. If a greyhound is withdrawn, all bets on that named selection will be void. Bets on remaining runners are settled at SP.

Forecast Betting

Straight, reversed and combination forecasts are available on greyhound races provided three or more entries run in any one race.

Forecast bets are settled in accordance with the industry Forecast Dividend, except where stated below:

  • If a Straight Forecast is accepted for a race where no dividend declared, the bet will be settled as a win single on the first selection stated.
  • If you select a Non-Runner in a Forecast bet, the bet will be void. If you select a Non-Runner in a Combination Forecast, all bets featuring the non-runner will be void.

Users are not allowed to include 'unnamed favourite' in forecast bets, and if for any reason, no CSF or BAGS/BEGS forecast is returned, bets will be settled by reference to the NSL Straight Forecast Chart.

Tricast Betting

Greyhound Racing tricast bets are accepted on all races provided five or more selections run. If a tricast bet is accepted where less than four runners take part in the race, it will be settled as a Straight Forecast on the selections nominated to finish first and second, with the selection nominated to finish third disreguarded.

Likewise, if a tricast has been accepted for a race where no dividend is declared, it will be settled as a Straight Forecast on the selections nominated to finish first and second. The third selection is ignored for settlement purposes.

Again, if the bet is a combination tricast, every tricast within that combination will be settled as a Straight Forecast, with the third selection ignored for settlement purposes. If one non-runner is selected, the tricast will be settled as a Straight Forecast on the remaining two selections.